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Read This!

I hope you’re all having a great (short) week!  On this edition of Read This! we have a grab bag of interesting articles.  Let me know which one(s) you like!

  • Read this great interview with Jillian Michaels — all about how to use fitness as a tool to feel confident in who you are.  I love this woman!  Here’s my favorite quote from the article:

When it comes to your “why,” write it down and put it everywhere — in your car, on your phone. Remind yourself constantly why you’re doing what you’re doing. Then remove any sort of temptation. Build a support system, whether it’s a workout buddy or a mom from day care, so you have that person to call when you have a moment of weakness.

  • I love infographics, and this one about the benefits of napping is great!  I’ll take any excuse to take a nice nap in the middle of a lazy Sunday (:
  • Kris Carr’s morning green juice recipe!  Can’t wait to try this.  She’s truly inspirational.
  • An oldie but a goodie: Coach Nicole’s honest “confession” post about the dangers of dieting down to an unhealthy weight.  Thin does not always equal healthy.
  • Check out this app for your phone that might motivate you to run — I know it’s right up my best friend’s (and her husband’s) alley!  What better motivation to get in shape than to prepare for the zombie apocalypse?
  • *shameless plug* Check out my Pinterest where you can find great diet and exercise tips plus some yummy vegan recipes!
  • Lastly, here is a wonderfully inspirational quote that I came across this week from German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche:

Read any good articles lately?  If you have suggestions, feel free to post in the comments below or email me at extrafirmtofubelly@gmail.com — I love comments and suggestions!

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Read This!

I read articles and blog posts online about health, fitness, and food every day — but I never share them with you!  Well that ends here!  I’ll be posting links to recommended reading once a week so that you can get some great information straight from the source.

Without further ado, here are some great links that I found this week and that I think you might enjoy as much as I did:



Let there be juice!

When out shopping with my best friend last month, I went to Jamba Juice and, for the first time, tried their fresh-squeezed OJ.  I couldn’t get over how amazing it tasted!  It was heaven in a cup!  Sweet, tangy, fresh, with little bits of fruit.  I think I actually said to her, “I can’t believe how much this tastes like an orange!”

Since then, juicing has been on my mind.  Being vegan and health-conscious, I’m constantly reading blogs and articles about veggies, fruits, and juice.  It seems like juice is everywhere, these days!

Confession: I thought juice was kind of bad for you.  I mean, I was always under the impression that juice was full of sugar and calories, and therefore it should be avoided and replaced with water, especially when dieting.

Well, I found a couple of great reads — one article by Kris Carr of Crazy Sexy Life and 12-days-of-juice blog posts from Lovely Healthy — and, as it turns out, the key is *moderation* (as always).  But, overall, juice — especially freshly-squeezed juice — can be really very good for you.  Long story short, juicing removes all of the harder-to-digest pulp of fruits and vegetables and leaves you with super-fast-to-absorb (and-delicious) nutrients via the resulting juice.

So, yeah.  I bought a juicer.

As you can see, it was love at first sight.  And then the juicing began.  And it was glorious!

This is sure to be a long-term relationship, so expect a trillion Mmmeals — Juice Editions.  In fact, I feel one coming on right now… stay tuned!


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