battling the bulge with a vegan diet and exercise

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Week 34: Progress Photo, and Thoughts on Weight Gain

You guys, I never appreciated how fit and thin I was before until I was able to look back and compare it to myself now.

IMG_1661I started this pregnancy at 138 lbs, which is on the heavy side for me.  I’m most comfortable when I’m in the low to mid-120s, and 138 is basically my max weight before I kick diet and exercise into high gear.

But I had been relatively exercise-y pre-pregnancy.  It was really just my food that was a bit out of control.  We had been trying to get pregnant for several months, and the websites I was reading on fertility cautioned against dieting/calorie restriction, which I took as an excellent excuse to eat my heart out.  When we found out that we were pregnant, truth be told, I was feeling a bit overweight and unhealthy, and didn’t have the best confidence in my body image.

But hindsight is 20-20 and without sounding too conceited, damn, 5 weeks girl.  You looked super good.

That’s not to say that I don’t love my body and how I look now.  In fact, very much the opposite.  I have never felt more confident in my body than at 34 weeks pregnant and 165 lbs.  As big as I am, ironically, I’ve never felt so tiny.  And as tired as I am all the time, I’ve never felt so strong and amazed by what my body can do.  I’m obsessed with taking photos of myself.  I’m obsessed with feeling the little guy kick and roll and stretch inside of me, and pull Jamie’s hand to my belly any time I feel the baby moving so he can marvel, too (…hopefully he doesn’t mind that I take his hand hostage every 20 minutes — the little guy is super active).

And looking into the future, I’m actually looking forward to getting back on track with watching my calories and restarting my exercise regiment.  With the pregnancy, I’ve let exercise fall to the wayside a bit.  Any time that I jump on the elliptical (um, all two times during the pregnancy) I’m reminded how out of shape and exhausted my body has become.  Once the baby is no longer in me I am excited to get back to cardio, yoga, and weights without worrying that I’ll fall or drop something or lift too heavy and hurt the baby.

But for now, more selfies, and a few more weeks of comfort foods (:

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Week 32: Progress Photo

Third of four prenatal yoga classes today!  The four-class series that I signed up for was scheduled to be a “semi-private,” meaning it was limited to 10 students.  Well, lucky for me, I was the only person to sign up!  Private instruction for the price of semi-private!  (:


I feel so amazing being back in the yoga studio.  I love being pregnant in my exercise clothes, and I love practicing yoga while pregnant.  So much of the prenatal yoga class is focused on stretching, breathing, and connecting with baby, preparing for the birth, and calming the mind and body.  It’s the perfect way to prepare and set the tone for our upcoming labor and little baby Jordan’s birthday.

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Pregnant in Canada!

Hi everyone!  Checking in from Toronto!  Jamie and I are here for a few days for a friend’s wedding, which is extra exciting because the bride and groom are *vegan* so there will be so many amazing, delicious, vegan options to eat!

The wedding isn’t until the weekend, so Jamie and I arrived a few days early to explore Canada.  We explored the city, took in a Blue Jay game (they play the US and Canadian national anthems — I mean, of course they do, but how fun), went up the CN Tower (note: scary; it sways), walked around the city, and took a ferry across the lake to the island and rode bikes.

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Running My Last Half Marathon

As I mentioned, running is not my thing.  And after years of trying to make it my thing to no avail, I quit.  Of course, I decided and declared my quitting slightly prematurely, as I still had one more race to run.


Hello!  The crown jewel of them all.  The Nike Women’s Half/Marathon medal.  Yes, that is a Tiffany-necklace medal.  No, you can’t have mine.

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I Quit Running.

It only took me six years to realize it, but I hate running.

I started running in 2007.  It was the first time that I actually, consciously chose to exercise for the sake of exercise.  I was in law school and needed a way to reduce my stress and lose the 25 lbs I’d gained throughout college.

For a first-time exerciser, running seemed like the go-to thing.  I totally sucked at it — I couldn’t run more than a few minutes without walking, and my “running” was about the speed of most peoples’ saunters.  But I powered through because I knew I would get better.

But six years later, three Disneyland Half Marathons later, pushing myself through insufferable training plans, and countless other 5 and 10Ks, and the only thing I’ve gotten better at is figuring out where the cameras are on the race course.
EFTB Disneyland Half Marathons 2011-2013

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July Goal: Lose 5 Pounds.

Nailed it!  Today I weighed in at 132.3 pounds, down from my trending high of 137 for the year.  FINALLY.  Progress is a beautiful, beautiful, zen thing.

Look, I know how to lose weight.  Now you can, too.  It takes just two easy steps:

EFTB how to lose weight

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