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Running My Last Half Marathon

As I mentioned, running is not my thing.  And after years of trying to make it my thing to no avail, I quit.  Of course, I decided and declared my quitting slightly prematurely, as I still had one more race to run.


Hello!  The crown jewel of them all.  The Nike Women’s Half/Marathon medal.  Yes, that is a Tiffany-necklace medal.  No, you can’t have mine.

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I Quit Running.

It only took me six years to realize it, but I hate running.

I started running in 2007.  It was the first time that I actually, consciously chose to exercise for the sake of exercise.  I was in law school and needed a way to reduce my stress and lose the 25 lbs I’d gained throughout college.

For a first-time exerciser, running seemed like the go-to thing.  I totally sucked at it — I couldn’t run more than a few minutes without walking, and my “running” was about the speed of most peoples’ saunters.  But I powered through because I knew I would get better.

But six years later, three Disneyland Half Marathons later, pushing myself through insufferable training plans, and countless other 5 and 10Ks, and the only thing I’ve gotten better at is figuring out where the cameras are on the race course.
EFTB Disneyland Half Marathons 2011-2013

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July Goal: Lose 5 Pounds.

Nailed it!  Today I weighed in at 132.3 pounds, down from my trending high of 137 for the year.  FINALLY.  Progress is a beautiful, beautiful, zen thing.

Look, I know how to lose weight.  Now you can, too.  It takes just two easy steps:

EFTB how to lose weight

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No-Train 10K — Check.

santa monica classic 10k 2013

Good looking group.

Hey, I ran the 10K!  In style!  (Yes, I’m the one in the gold sequined skirt.)

And by run, I mean I was the 33rd SLOWEST person to finish the 10K.  Literally.  I beat only 32 people out of 1,518.  I saw the truck picking up the cones that delineated the course driving closely behind me, and I ate the dust of countless walk/runners and mothers with running strollers.

But by God, I did it.  I finished that damn 10K, despite having spent the entire month prior with no running and no training.  I did it!

santa monica classic 10k jump

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Couch to 10K… literally.

My last post, about the Hollywood 10K, was over a month ago.  And that was basically the last time I ran.

But that won’t stop me.  Tomorrow morning, I’m running another 10K — the Santa Monica Classic.  This probably isn’t what they mean when they say “Couch to 10K,” but here’s to hoping that I’ve retained some of that running ability I built up before last month’s race.

One thing’s for sure — I haven’t lost my running fashion sense.

ImageThe only reason to run is to look ridiculous while doing it.

See y’all at the finish line.  Even if it does take me an hour and a half to get there.

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2013 Hollywood 10K

Hollywood 10K post-race

Run Club members post-10K, getting our bling on.  Right to left: Lisa, Bryce, Jamie, Michelle, and Katie.

After a rather late Friday night at work, I got home at 10 p.m. and hopped into bed.  I was leaving the house at 4:30 a.m. the next morning, after all.  It wouldn’t be a race if we didn’t roll out well before sunrise.

Hollywood 10K: we were on our way.  I was sleepy.  My brain wasn’t quite awake yet.  I seriously considered shutting off my alarm when it woke me up at 3:30 in the damn morning.

But I pushed through and picked out my awesome running outfit: purple Nike “Just Do It” cotton tee from the Primm Nike Outlet, lululemon running crops, Roadrunner thin no-show socks, Nike Zoom shoes, and hella bobby pins.

With a little help from our Run Club friends who already navigated the parking situation, Jamie and I parked with ease.  Then the five of us headed over to the start line, to wait in a 20-minute line for our PRPs before race time.

Hollywood 10K pre-race

Pre-race, mosying forward to the start line in our corral.

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Unlearn Your Weaknesses


Things I know about runner myself:

  • I’m a very slow runner.
  • I can’t run for very long without walking.
  • (And my kitty, Dexter, is not a fan of being held.)


  • Running long distances is difficult and frustrating.
  • When I start a run, I tend to overcompensate — running at a quicker pace than I’m capable of sustaining while I have as much energy as possible — so I fit in as much running as early as possible before I poop out.
  • And when I run outside, I don’t usually run with anyone (and definitely not my husband, who is a speed demon), because I don’t want to hold them back.

But this past Friday, when I was sitting on the couch feeling lazy and sorry for myself because of how crappy a runner I am, Jamie nudged me and nudged me until I begrudgingly agreed to go on a short run with him.

As he hit “Start Activity” on his RunKeeper app, I took off.  And Jamie, the fast runner that he is, said something totally unexpected.  He said,

Where are you going?

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Goals Are So Easy… to Set.

Guys, I’m really good at setting goals.  I mean really good.  Not to brag or anything, but it’s a fact.


I mean, just look at all of these races that I’ve signed myself up to run this year:

(Links provided in case you’re insane like me and want to pay to be forced to run a set distance.)

But accomplishing goals?  …I fail.

Truly, it was perfect timing when I signed up for these races (yes, I basically signed up for all of them at once).  You see, the first one was just over 12 weeks away, which provided me with the perfect amount of time to properly train for it.  I looked up Hal Higdon’s 10K training guide and diligently entered each run and workout into my Google calendar.  This time, I was going to train, for real, hardcore, and come April 6th I’d be able to run the whole damn 6.2 miles.  Like a boss.

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Five-Day Juice Fast: Day Four (and Final)

Yes, in a five-day juice fast I made it just four days before cracking.  But tonight, at the end of day four, I couldn’t seem to stomach my second-to-last juice.


And rather than force the juice into my stomach, I went with my gut and what my body and mind craved.  I ate.

And it was glorious.

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