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There’s Nothing Quite Like Disney…

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…to motivate me to do just about anything.  I know several people who would make fun of me for saying this, but there is something so nostalgic and magical and awe-inspiring about Disney and everything they do.  So when it came time to sign up for the Disneyland Half Marathon again this year, I jumped on it — along with about a dozen of my friends!  I’m not much of a runner, myself, and I have always been the slowest “runner” I know… but c’mon, folks.  It’s Disney.  How could I NOT sign up?

How can you say no to that medal?

So we all signed up for the September race in February, and before we knew it, the race was FULL.  In preparation for the race, I had good intentions, but in practice I’ve been kind of half-heartedly following a training program, usually managing to fit in the long Sunday run (for me, run/walk), but just as frequently ditching all of the mid-week runs.  Like last year, I expect to walk more of the halfer than run (and take pictures along the way).  And it will be great (:

Unlike last year, I will not be running the halfer as my favorite Disney character of all time, Eeyore.  Last night, Jamie was playing some Disney tunes out of my Disney piano book, and I got inspired.  Can you guess who I’ll be running as?  I’ll give you a hint: With a smile and a song….. 

Yep, Snow White!

She’s my favorite Disney princess, and how fun would it be to run the halfer as a princess?  Plus, I could certainly use some of her positive attitude when I’m run/walking 13.1 miles.  So I scowered the Internet for inspiration and found it (thank you, Team-Sparkle!).

After a bit of online shopping this morning, I now have several items to look forward to receiving in the mail at work (:  I can’t wait to show you all the outfit!  Maybe I’ll give you all a little preview… coming soon!

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