battling the bulge with a vegan diet and exercise

Finding the time.

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It is, hands down, THE toughest part of eating well and exercising (…and blogging).  For me, I find that my level of work busy-ness is directly proportionate to my level of healthiness.

This last month, work has been intense.  My job certainly has its perks, but lately the ugly side of big law has been rearing it’s ginormous head at me.  Early mornings, work lunches, and very late nights at the office.  Weekends filled with playing catch up on writing and polishing motions.  Meanwhile, the DVR is bursting at the seams with unwatched hours of primetime TV and my cats spend their efforts rolling around and screaming at the top of their lungs at me with the hope that I’ll take five minutes out of my busy schedule to bend down and scratch their little heads.

But my TV and kitties aren’t the only ones being neglected — there’s also me.  Remember when I used to plan ahead and and make healthy to-go lunches for myself?  That has given way to running downstairs at 1 p.m. to buy some high-cal, high-sodium meal from local restaurants.  And what about getting up early to hit the gym and start my day off right?  That has given way to hitting the snooze button in favor of one more hour of sleep.

It makes sense to me at the time.  Who has time to spend the hour it takes to cook a big pot of stew for the week?  Or to run to the market to grab all of the ingredients that I need?  And isn’t it better to get that extra hour of sleep when I’m already burning the candle at both ends as it is?


Maybe it does take a little bit of extra time to plan ahead and cook, or to wake up a little earlier to sweat, but it’s so worth it.  Here I am, having fallen off that wagon for just a few weeks, and I already feel so much… crappier.  My meals leave me feeling sluggish and oily and FAT.  And I really miss that accomplished and healthy feeling that I get after completing a workout.  Not to mention, I miss looking in the mirror and thinking to myself, “hell yeah!”  (Right now it’s more like, “what the hell??”)

Work shows no signs of letting up, but I must learn to find the time and make it work with my preferred lifestyle of eating healthily and working out regularly or else I think I’ll go insane.  And with all of this working, cooking, and working out, I’ll set aside a little bit of extra time for a blog or two, as well (:  Let’s do it!

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One thought on “Finding the time.

  1. Your cat is cute, annd I can totally relate about trying to find the time. I have been dealing with the same issue, since becoming an entrepreneur, all of a sudden, I realized its been a week since I worked out, or that I have eaten take out three days in a row. Its funny how it happens, but I decided that the number one priority has to be making the time to be healthy. I carve that time out, and I go no matter what, even if I feel overwhelmed. I find im more productive anyway after an hour of yoga, so you just gotta do it!

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