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Weigh-In Wednesdays: Weeks 4 and 5

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Let’s get right to it!

Would you look at that?  I know it may not be much, but -0.3 lbs is a big deal to this girl.

I must admit, the scale has only budged slightly because each weekend I cheat on dieting.  I don’t plan it, and I try to avoid it, but it always happens nevertheless.

Last weekend, for example, was Jamie’s birthday and we partied in Big Bear with big bowls of vegan spicy sushi bowls.

This week, work kept me super busy and I was very diligent with my dieting.  But then all of the long workdays made me tired.  And when I get tired, I get weak.  By Friday, my will power flew entirely out the window and I indulged.

Yes.  That’s right.  I made pizza.  From scratch.  (: 

Artichoke, olive, and spinach pizza with vegan mozzarella cheese and … yes, vegan pepper jack-stuffed crust.  *Drool.*

If my goal is to lose weight, then why do I keep allowing myself to sabotage the weight loss?  One simple reason: food is so much fun.  Exercise is healthy and great and makes me feel wonderful.  Dieting during the week is also healthy and keeps me from otherwise-inevitable weight gain.  And a little indulgence on the weekends… well, I’m starting to realize that it may not be the end of the world.  I’ve been so focused on weight loss for so long.  I ended college at an overweight 147 pounds.  But, with much persistence and dedication, here I am at a perfectly healthy 128.  Yes, come swimsuit season maybe I’ll step it up a notch, drop a few extra pounds, and totally rock a bikini.  But it’s March.  The extra three pounds don’t make a big difference under all of my work sweaters and I’m feeling a slight lack of motivation.

Still, after the weekend is over, I arrive at work bright and early on Monday feeling a little extra bloated and wondering why I didn’t just be good for the two little days I had off.  If I could just get through a couple of consecutive weekends without splurging on fun foods, I’d make so much progress.  I must be good next weekend!

Are you following along with the 90 day challenge?  How are you keeping motivated?

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One thought on “Weigh-In Wednesdays: Weeks 4 and 5

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