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Weigh-In Wednesday: Week 2

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Last week was a major bummer — weight gain in week one??  Well, this week I was seriously worried that I’d end up gaining even more.

Yes, I made it to the gym twice this week and ran over three miles each time.  But… I also indulged a little.  I went out to a buffet for a friend’s birthday.  And Jamie and I celebrated Valentine’s Day with a yummy and completely uncountable dinner… twice.  Yes, that was a vegan sushi dinner on Sunday at Shojin and a warm and gooey vegan mac and cheese dinner on Tuesday.  So how do you think I did? 

Yes!  Back down to 128! 

Well, what I didn’t say yet is that this week was dedicated to the toughest and most important skill a skinny girl can master: moderation.

On buffet day, I made sure to reserve half of my calories for the indulgent dinner and then stuck to mostly veggies with a little soup and salad.  At Shojin, Jamie and I ordered a “normal” amount of food (instead of the enough-for-six-people amount that we’d normally order).  Then, when I came home late from work on real Valentine’s Day and Jamie surprised me with perfectly portioned-out and countable mac and cheese, well… okay, no.  We threw caution to the wind and put that mac and cheese away.

But one little cheat night couldn’t outweigh the six good nights plus two runs.  Score one for the calorie counter!

Here’s to a successful week three.  I have a few exercise tricks up my sleeve for this week, so hopefully next week I’ll actually have a negative number in the +/- column!

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