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Weigh-In Wednesday: Week 1

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Friends, I weighed in yesterday to log my Week 1 progress!  This past week I’ve been a diet role model.  I counted calories every day except for the Super Bowl, when I snacked in moderation.  Plus, I exercised four times this week!  And I increased my water intake.  The results on the scale… well, they might surprise you.…That’s right.  To my horror, after a week of being so good, I went up a pound.

I spent all day yesterday and all day today lamenting the week one weight gain.  How did this happen?  In 48 hours, I’ve come up with a pretty hefty list of possible reasons (or as my mom says, “excuses”):

  • My initial weigh in weight was a fluke low.
  • I’ve been doing a lot of strength training and the muscle is weighing me down.
  • I’d been dieting a few days before my initial weigh in, so now I’m just plateauing.
  • My weight, like everyone’s, naturally fluctuates… and I’m just on an upswing.
  • “This is all water weight.  First you bloat, and then you drop pounds like that.” – Mean Girls

Whatever the cause(s), it was definitely disappointing to step on the scale this week and to have a weight gain when I was expecting a loss.

But you know what?  I am over it.  First of all, the number on the scale isn’t what matters to me.  Ultimately, it’s my before and after pictures that matter the most.  The scale just happens to be an easy way to measure progress, albeit flawed.  And secondly, despite my one pound gain, I must say, the mirror is being extra kind to me (;  Even after just one week, I am already noticing a slightly flatter and perkier tummy and a more defined curve in where my hip bones are.  And although it may be vain, these things make me happy!

Even though the weigh in system isn’t perfect, I’ll still continue to weigh in each week and post my results for you.  Hopefully a few more weeks of vigilantly sticking to my diet and exercise regimen will start yielding results on the scale, too.  And I’ll post my before and my 1-month progress photo side by side at the beginning of March so that you can share in my joy at the changes in the mirror!

Here’s to a successful week two!  How did your week go?  Did you make healthy choices?

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One thought on “Weigh-In Wednesday: Week 1

  1. Be proud of your hard work… Do you feel any different in your clothes? Do you feel stronger? The scale is only one way of measuring progress… Congratulations on an awesome week :)

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