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I worked out today!


If there is one thing I like to brag about, it’s achieving my  fitness goals.  And guess what?  After days and days of planning to work out and then failing, today I finally did it!

Today’s workout consisted of cardio and weights.  For cardio, I took a cue from my friend Julie’s blog post and toned down her walking workout, which was a bit too intense for this couch potato.  For me, it was 25 minutes on the treadmill, incline 6.0, speed 3.5.  I was definitely struggling through it and sweating afterward — turns out walking can be a great workout!

Then, for weights, I did an abs and upper body workout.  When I’m clueless about what to do in the weight room, I always resort to Youtube — endless, free workout videos at your fingertips!  Today I did two of my favorites —This 10 minute abs workout kicks my butt every time so, needless to say, it’s awesome:

And this upper body workout is the best!  I have it memorized, now.  I’m a huge fan of SparkPeople’s Coach Nicole — she has some great workout videos and a great Facebook page, too.  I do two sets of each exercise in this video with 10 or 5 lb weights, depending on the exercise:

My goal for the week is to work out — and post — every day, so look out for some more blog posts about staying on track with my diet for the holidays and the “10 Pound Challenge” that I’ve been participating in this month!

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2 thoughts on “I worked out today!

  1. Whew! You weren’t lying about that ab workout! I’ll be feeling that one tomorrow…

  2. I’m excited to try that ab workout! :-) I hadn’t really thought to check YouTube for workouts, but that’s a great idea. I feel like I might get lost in the sea of options, so I’m glad you posted a specific one. Congrats on getting to the gym!

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