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I am in love with my new T1i <3


Today, I gave in to one of my long-time desires.  I splurged.  I bought myself a Canon EOS T1i D-SLR.  I am… so… happy right now.

I love my new partner in crime.  I basically spent the better part of tonight taking photos around the apartment of anything and everything, playing with the shutter speed and aperture settings.  A few friends came over and watched the Hawaii vs. USC football season opener while I toyed around.

Here are a few fun ones with the new camera — they’re not perfectly sharp yet, but that’s my bad.  With practice makes perfect!

vivid salsa with blurred puzzle background

a very bright Mothership Wit

don’t forget to take your vitamins!

Mr. Mustachio

Mike and John watch the somewhat-boring football game

John has a bathroom key and he’s very excited about it (:

Jamie gives a puppy dog face from below

I can’t wait to try out the camera on Jamie and my road trip to Arizona this weekend for Brigette and Mark’s wedding.  The conditions will be ideal — sunny and scenic (:  Many, many more photos to come!

I’m so happy to have a semi-professional, quality camera.  I’m already learning so much about camera settings, capabilities, and effects.  Next stop: must get a quality photo editing program.  Photoshop?  Aperture?  Gotta do some research and decide what I want.

I must give huge credits to Mr. David Badgerow for sharing with me all of his amazing knowledge and giving me advice about different cameras available that suit my needs.  Thank you for introducing me to my T1i!  I couldn’t have done it without you!!

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5 thoughts on “I am in love with my new T1i <3

  1. Very glad you love it!! :-)

  2. John’s wearing my shirt.

  3. Jamie’s wearing my DNA.

  4. sigh
    eric wrote that john was wearing his shirt
    wouldn’t have been funny if i’d said you had my dna
    guess it wasn’t funny either way
    back to the drawing board

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