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Hi there, new mom here.

I have so many ideas for blog posts, and I’m really excited to write them now that we’re tackling a little bit of sleep training around here and I will have time (and hands) in the evenings to write.  But for today, I have to just say, I LOVE being a mom.  As I sit here writing this post from the living room, one eye on the baby monitor watching my precious little guy sleep in his bassinet (this is new), one boob being pumped of its milk, and a little euphoric from sleepiness, I can’t remember a time when I’ve been a happier person.

Jordan 2 mo-7

Baby and Mama Baddha Konasana.

That’s not to say it isn’t totally weird.  It’s definitely weird.

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Jordan’s Birthday / Our Labor Day

This is the last preggo selfie I took.  It’s from the morning that my water broke.

labor day

Belly, y’all.  There’s a full on baby in there.

8 a.m. on January 5th.  I woke up with a “To Do” list that included “pack hospital bag.”  The night before, I’d just finished washing all of the newborn and 0-3 month clothes, the linens, and other things for our little baby to be.  And that Monday, three and a half weeks before my due date and less than a week into my disability leave, I figured it’d be the perfect day to start looking at the lists of things to bring to the hospital and planning accordingly.

Jamie woke up earlier and kissed me goodbye as he left for his first day of a week of band camp with one of his high schools.  I got up a half hour later to pee, and what I found was a little more than that.  My water had broken.  Or at least, I assumed that is what was happening, since I was leaking water every two minutes.  (I don’t know — I’ve never done this before, and we weren’t even at 37 weeks yet!)  I called Jamie and told him he might want to come back home, because I think… I think my water broke.  We both debated whether he should turn around to come home (…we are dumb, you guys.  I know it seems obvious that he should, but I still wasn’t convinced that my water had broken.  It was too early.)  After a minute or two of debate, we made the right choice and he turned around and headed back.  Then I called my doctor, who told me not to panic that we were only in week 36 (that her kids were born during her 36th week and everything was fine), and that it was okay to shower and pack and leisurely get to the hospital that morning, and she would check in with us that afternoon.

9 a.m.  So… I got into zen mode.  Excitedly, but also quite casually (somehow), I took a shower, reviewed the list of suggested items to pack, packed them, made sure the cats had food, called my parents, and Jamie and I headed in to the hospital.  I felt happy, ready, peaceful.  Still leaking water, but no contractions.

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Baby Love

This little baby is so loved.  This is just one of several full hampers of clothes, bedding, hats, socks, towels, washcloths, and the list goes on, all laundered tonight in anticipation of his arrival this month!  He’s gonna be stylin’.


Cameo by my 36 week preggo belly. Yes, that’s all I can see of my feet, and yes, those are Jamie’s sweatpants.  (Sweatpants are all that fits me right now — no, I couldn’t help myself.)

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Healthy Eating for Two

It’s official — I’m on maternity leave!  I started on December 31, and we’re not due until January 28, so I fully intend to take advantage of this time off pre-baby and get back on the healthy cooking train.

With work being so busy, it’s hard to find the time to cook, and Jamie and I tend to take the easy way out when we’re exhausted at home and pick food up from a local restaurant (…or, even lazier, have it delivered).  But that’s not always the healthiest thing, especially since my eyes are bigger than my stomach.  Why not order four meals instead of one so there are left overs?  (And then I proceed to eat all four meals despite not being hungry.)  Plus, restaurant meals are always so high in sodium and calories.

With a little creativity, and a little cookbook help, we’re off to a great start in 2015.

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Week 35: Progress Photos (and a full on belly shot)

Happy holidays, yall!  Starting to get really big over here.  And heavy.  And uncomfortable.  Sitting hurts, laying down hurts, standing hurts.  There is no answer except to get. this. baby. out.  (Well, in a few weeks, that is.)

But it makes for some fun “fun house mirror” photos, I tell you.  I had to document the actual bare bump because, well, #yolo (or something like that).


Bare bump photos:

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Hello from San Pedro

Hi all!  Just a quick hello from San Pedro, CA.  I tagged along with Jamie today.  He has a rehearsal, a dinner break, and then a concert with the Golden State Pops Orchestra, so I drove down with him and am eavesdropping on the rehearsal.

IMG_1663I’ve been feeling so sleepy lately, being at 35 weeks pregnant now!  And for the pregnancy, I’ve cut out coffee 99% since all of the books and internet say to do so.  I can’t tell you how difficult that was for me, an attorney who is literally addicted to coffee and Starbucks runs with co-workers.  In fact, I cut out caffeine while we were trying to get pregnant because all of the tips say that can help with fertility.  It was tough, but here we are now, with an almost fully-baked baby!  Totally worth it.

That said, now that we’re nearly full term, I’m allowing myself to cheat here and there and have a coffee about once a week.  The books all say a cup a day is fine, so I figure one per week and I’m golden.  The theater is next door to a cute coffee shop so I popped in there for a soy latte.  Nom.

Not sure if I’ll go back to drinking coffee post-baby.  Now that I’ve basically put myself through caffeine rehab, it’s nice not to get the caffeine headaches and feel so dependent on the coffee to keep me going.  But I do love a coffee or latte every now and then, so I can see myself having a few cups a week.  And once I get back to work after maternity leave, I can definitely see myself falling back into the habit of relying on caffeine to keep me going — especially with a baby, too.

Speaking of maternity leave, only 10 more days until I start mine!  Starting to feel super exhausted and the aches and pains are really getting to me.  Fingers are swollen, tailbone feels bruised, legs are sore, back hurts… it’ll be nice to have some time off!

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Week 34: Progress Photo, and Thoughts on Weight Gain

You guys, I never appreciated how fit and thin I was before until I was able to look back and compare it to myself now.

IMG_1661I started this pregnancy at 138 lbs, which is on the heavy side for me.  I’m most comfortable when I’m in the low to mid-120s, and 138 is basically my max weight before I kick diet and exercise into high gear.

But I had been relatively exercise-y pre-pregnancy.  It was really just my food that was a bit out of control.  We had been trying to get pregnant for several months, and the websites I was reading on fertility cautioned against dieting/calorie restriction, which I took as an excellent excuse to eat my heart out.  When we found out that we were pregnant, truth be told, I was feeling a bit overweight and unhealthy, and didn’t have the best confidence in my body image.

But hindsight is 20-20 and without sounding too conceited, damn, 5 weeks girl.  You looked super good.

That’s not to say that I don’t love my body and how I look now.  In fact, very much the opposite.  I have never felt more confident in my body than at 34 weeks pregnant and 165 lbs.  As big as I am, ironically, I’ve never felt so tiny.  And as tired as I am all the time, I’ve never felt so strong and amazed by what my body can do.  I’m obsessed with taking photos of myself.  I’m obsessed with feeling the little guy kick and roll and stretch inside of me, and pull Jamie’s hand to my belly any time I feel the baby moving so he can marvel, too (…hopefully he doesn’t mind that I take his hand hostage every 20 minutes — the little guy is super active).

And looking into the future, I’m actually looking forward to getting back on track with watching my calories and restarting my exercise regiment.  With the pregnancy, I’ve let exercise fall to the wayside a bit.  Any time that I jump on the elliptical (um, all two times during the pregnancy) I’m reminded how out of shape and exhausted my body has become.  Once the baby is no longer in me I am excited to get back to cardio, yoga, and weights without worrying that I’ll fall or drop something or lift too heavy and hurt the baby.

But for now, more selfies, and a few more weeks of comfort foods (:


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